Strengthening Local Business Building Community

Count on our team of local experts to accelerate your business with digital marketing.

Connecting our community by:


  • Scaling outdoor billboards down-to-size with dynamic, connected, indoor digital advertising displays
  • Partnering with local businesses to host digital advertising displays in their location at no cost
  • Creating compelling full-motion advertisements for display hosting partners at no cost


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of local business partners

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Our indoor digital advertising displays help neighbors discover local businesses

Host a digital advertising display at no cost to you

Be part of a network that shows your customers content relevant to them

Earn free ads

Become a host partner and our team creates advertisements, for you to keep, at no cost 

Leverage the power of local connections

Stay top of mind with those most likely to refer your business to others; your current customers 

We’re a hometown team who can also help with all of your digital marketing needs including:

Keep your brand top of mind by telling your story directly to everyone that lives, works and plays in your trade area

Create compelling websites, videos, and advertisements with our local team of professional graphic artists, web developers and digital marketing experts

Leverage the power of strategic paid advertising on Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to zero in on your target audience and get the most from your marketing spend

Improve how Google and other search engines display your product and service to drive more visits to your location

GoldenTech is committed to helping local businesses deliver measurable success.

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